2019's Lesson

Personality Trait: introvert

I amass a lot of my strength from being alone. It rejuvenates and re-centers me. Often times people mistake such behavior as anti-social or stuck up...but trust me, that is by no means the case.

However, as much as I thrive on being alone, and I own being an introvert, 2019 has taught me a valuable lesson. 2019 has been my year of learning to live in community. I took a leap of faith and came out of my shell, networked, and interacted with a number of different people from varying walks of life. AKA I learned how NOT to live in a silo or in solitude.

Over the course of this year I had the privilege of meeting and engaging in important work across a wide array of fields such as: educational advocacy, church planting, mental health awareness, and the arts.

None of this would have been possible if I stayed in the confines of my routine: home, work, church.

I was fortunate enough to have my Pastors and church family when things were rough and I needed them to pray me through.

I was afforded the opportunity to build community with some very fierce and passionate women in the work around educational, community, and parent advocacy.

I even stepped on stage to perform some spoken word in spaces that were safe and welcoming.

I had courageous and thought provoking conversations with some of my co-workers as we sought to unpack the importance of equity in our practice as educators.

Fostering relationships with my family -immediate and extended, (which has had its own struggles) -kept me grounded.

The best aspects of 2019's lesson and my interactions this year were being able to learn and grow, staying true to my values, all while speaking my truth.

I am so thrilled and proud of what I have accomplished this year and look forward to 2020!!

Stay tuned and be sure to check back for exciting updates! =)

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