Blessed to be a Blessing

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

2020 what a year you have been! The ways in which people have blessed my family and I has been without a doubt heartfelt.

The scripture Luke 6:38, "give and it will come back to you good measure press down shaken together and running over" is real! I witnessed and was a recipient of that grace and good measure this year.

Sure you've heard of the 5 Love Languages. Well, I conclude that each person has a receptive and expressive love language. (Always up for discussing this with people). My expressive love language is gift giving. Earlier months of the pandemic enabled me to live out my best life in this way. I supported small businesses, independent projects, and sowed into the lives of various individuals. Not from a place of obligation or fear but from pure joy and willingness. (I preached a sermon on this. Check out Hill City PVD's FB page). I didn't foresee the seeds I was sowing at the beginning of this pandemic would soon bear fruit. I truly thank God I was able to be a blessing to others.

Just as quickly, and without EVER missing a beat, God said, "alright now let me do me."

I was forced to accept that receiving too, is a blessing.

At pandemic's onset when social media posts and declarations of: "I may (or may not) have much but if you need anything please don't hesitate to ask" swarmed my news feed, I undoubtedly thought I would have be on the giving end of that statement. My husband and I had an in depth conversation about how much we hoped our neighbors and friends felt loved and comfortable enough to reach out. I had no idea such a fate would befall us, and quickly learned pride can be a beast to conquer and a tough bite to swallow.

The realization that many of our friends and family who publicly posted that statement weren't simply participating in a social media fad, or making void lip service, became our lived experience. Some of those individuals corralled around our family when we were shut in and couldn't venture outside ourselves as we battled COVID and the loss of employment.

Aspects of our life also became overtly visible by way of social media this year. The highs and lows of teaching from home, parenting, the sillies of my kiddos, and our family life in general. However, many deeds went undocumented. I didn't showcase my neighbors walking over to bring us a jar of peanut butter or a bowl of soup; family members and friends who grocery shopped or picked up the kiddos' work from school. More so were those who called, texted, and prayed for us.

I believe we all possess an innate ability to see beyond our own circumstances in order to embrace those around us. Sometimes it requires us to stop looking at ourselves and instead glance out into the world.

A hard, but much needed lesson learned: it's okay to swallow your pride and embrace your blessings as others sow into your life. Don't deny the giver. There is a chance you are hindering their blessing when you deny them that opportunity. We are all in fact blessed to be a blessing.

Until next time...

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