Sermon Notes: Get out of Cruise Control 9/15/2019

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

I had the opportunity to share at my church (HillCityPVD) last month.

Thesis: Cruise control is a convenience we can’t afford at the moment.

Q: What happens when we live life in cruise control?

  1. Take your foot off the gas

  2. Can become relaxed and distracted

  3. Other vehicles are passing by if your cruise setting is too low

  4. Different terrains require different speeds

  5. Can fall asleep

Q: How do we get out of cruise control? How do we press ahead when things are going awry?

  1. Accept God's salvation, deliverance from sin and its consequences. Through that salvation we are to receive what God wants to give us. (References: II Thes 2:13; John 4: 10-15; John 7:37)

  2. Dig into God’s word. (Reference: Ephesians 4:1) In the same way some of us find it easiest when we’re going through difficulties to eat, cry, or call a friend to vent, we aught to dig into God’s word. His word was written about the lives of people who have gone through some of the same struggles we go through today. His word was written as a guide, as a promise, and we have to speak His truths into our lives. When we dig into His word we are able to refuel our relaxed mentality that comes with being in cruise control. Digging in is like putting our foot on the gas pedal. We can focus on the road ahead. We are reinforced and encouraged.

  3. Walk by the Spirit in order not to carry out the desires of the flesh (Reference: Gal 5:16)

  4. Know God’s truth. (References: Luke 22: 31-32) God’s truth for us is to get out of our mess. It is not for us to throw a pity party. God has planted within many of us projects, ideas, and ministries that we have fallen asleep on for so long. Vehicles are passing us by. It seems like others are getting ahead and you are stuck. Remember God’s truth.

  5. Fight for those unable to do so for themselves (Reference: Isaiah 1: 16-17) First we aught to be to be clean. Sometimes that requires complete separation from what we are accustomed to before we are able to get back on the road. Getting back in the pit and in the mix so we can be a fighter, a light; not with the same mindsets. Now we have the awareness that different terrains require different speeds. We know how to interact with people. We know how to pray for others, we know how to navigate better. You can’t go uphill at the same speed as you would doing downhill. You will either corrine off a cliff if moving too fast, or roll backwards if there isn't enough force. Get involved in your community. Get involved in organizations that seek to uplift marginalized individuals. Get involved in your church. No more cruisin’!

  6. Be obedient to God. Priscilla Shirer writes in her book Fervent, "Obedience to God garners intimacy and nearness, divine blessings and favor." Lack of obedience to what God is saying is equivalent to being asleep. Paraphrasing my pastor Tim: be in the habit of hearing from God so when you do find yourself going through stuff, you’re not questioning whether it is really God’s voice you’re hearing.

Get involved in your community. Get involved with organizations that seek to uplift marginalized individuals. Get involved in your church. No more cruisin’!

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