Extra Extra

It's a leap year, which gives us an extra day in a usually short month, and I am inclined to reflect on the extra.

I know I can't be the only person who finds themselves being pulled and committed to more things than we care to admit.

I have been dividing my efforts recently between: promoting my book, my responsibilities as the worship leader at my church, co-vice president on the PTO committee at my children's school, an educator -which is my livelihood -being an educational advocate, a wife, and a mother. All of which could rightfully be considered full times job in and of themselves.

I've realized I'm essentially just doing TOO MUCH STUFF! There's just too much EXTRA happening!

And while extra can be a good thing. Like having a little extra time, a little extra cash, and little extra love from those you love. Extra that pulls you in too many different directions causing you to stress out is no bueno!

Earlier this month I preached a sermon at my church on the difference between being a vessel and being a vehicle. Essentially the way I see it is:

a vessel is used to store things until it's appointed time of use whereas a vehicle is used until it's appointed time of rest. In order for both to be used they have to have availability and capacity.

If a vessel is full to capacity, there is no room for more to be poured into it. If a vehicle is not functioning to it's capacity, it can be deemed ineffective. (I can share those sermon notes if anyone is interested).

Lord knows I want to be able to function to the best of my ability. I want to be able to pour into others the way I know I'm called to. However, I also know I cannot do so if my cup is full (of EXTRA) where I can not operate with efficacy. I can not go, move, or thrive if I am bogged down with too much EXTRA. I assume the same is true for many of us.

So, I am reminded to leave room to be poured into, strengthened, and edified. I am reminded to maintain my vehicle; because if it runs ragged it's only a matter of time before it konks out.

Message: Take a little EXTRA time for what rejuvenates you.

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