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Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Our 10th year. Pictures taken by Lynne Damiano of Sail Away Photography

I have been married to my husband H.C. Watts for the past 10 years.

Things I've l learned and understood better over the last 10 years

1. The phrase we all need a little dirt to grow 2. Sometimes in relationships things aren't only, or always black-and-white 3. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger or at least wiser 4. Forgiveness is more important for the one granting forgiveness than the one receiving forgiveness 5. Marriage is a covenant and commitment between two people 6. Give room for vents without judgement 7. Post vents, allow yourself and your spouse to heal 8. Love your spouse for who they are, while keeping who they could/are supposed to be in prayer 9. You both have to say divorce is not an option, and mean divorce is not an option in order for it to be true 10. Most importantly, without God and prayer we wouldn't have made it thus far

In addition to my husband, my family comprises of 3 beautiful children:

Isabella, Laila, and Ceej. They are my joy.

Christmas 2017

Belle: smart, full of wit, and loves to read. Laila: silly, flashy, loves to do everything but read. Ceej: kind, helpful, loves music and dancing.

Stay tuned for more...

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