I Promise

How many times have you found yourself saying, "God if you help me with this thing, come through for me this time, I promise I'll do or say whatever you want, or I'll never find myself in this position again?"

I've realized that far too often as human beings we find ourselves crying out to God when things are rough, we are in predicaments we can't bail ourselves out of, or need a miracle. We pull out the tactics and start negotiating with God.

I for one am guilty of putting my time with God on cruise control. It happens when I feel like life is good, my husband and I are working like a well oiled machine, the kids are settled and have what they need, and I'm not feeling overwhelmed etc.

However, the minute a screw gets loose, a wrench gets thrown into the mix, and life is in turmoil, somehow that is when I realize I had taken my foot off the accelerator of my prayer and devotional life. I got comfortable.

Now don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with crying out to God when in difficult times. Heck by all means YES! We aught to call on Him in our troubles. Psalms 9:9 says, "the Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a place of safety in times of trouble."

But wait! Imagine if you had a friend or family member who only called or came to you when they wanted something. That feels like a lopsided relationship huh? Doesn't feel all that great. Well it's the same for God. He wants us to come to him in the same way we have those conversations with our girls, guys, spouse or closest confidante.

I am relearning or being reminded of the importance of staying close to God at all times. There are those friendships in which you can go for extended periods of time without talking and know that you can check in and catch up as though no times has passed. And that is great! You would have had a great foundation. Spent countless hours and years getting to know each other.

Nonetheless, it would require a longer time to fill in all the details of the elapsed moments when you do decide to catch up. Whereas the friendship(s) you touch base with daily (even multiple times a day) or weekly are without doubt more fortified. You know the intricacies of what the other person needs. You don't have to negotiate "if you do this thing for me I'll do x, y, or z." Instead they have probably already started devising a plan on how to help you. Psalms 25:14 says, "There’s a private place reserved for the lovers of God, where they sit near him and receive the revelation-secrets of his promises." TPT. Who doesn't like to be let in on a secret or two? Get the inside scoop? Get a head start?

So, this is my renewed determination. Stay consistent (Lord knows that in and of itself is a difficult thing). I make these promises, like affirmations:

I promise to acknowledge that I am nothing without You

I promise to not think too highly of myself (be full of pride)

I promise to acknowledge that I was created with purpose for a purpose

I promise to thank You when things are good

I promise to trust You when things are difficult

I promise to confide in You

I promise to Praise You (in good times and bad times)

I promise to spend time in Your word

What promises (not negotiations) will you make?

Until next time...

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