"Latoya is a strong black Christian mother raised in Tobago but lives in RI. But this "Pastor's Kid" from Tobago is so much more than her strong Christian roots. Take a leap of faith into Doing Wattsnatural. Wattsnatural is a guidance of the seasons in life through poetry. Her book will leave you at the edge of your seat applauding the journey and [leaving you] forever changed. 'Elixir' will have your faith sharpened. Her unique outlook on identity will help you rediscover your own, her take on fatherhood will redefine your definition of family. You will get a small glimpse into the life of Latoya, her most intimate thoughts, and her personal intimate struggles. Get to know who she was and all that she is through her own words. It has been my pleasure to read her work and get to know her as she reveals who she is as a Christian, a woman, a mother, a poet, and now an author."

Damont Combs

2019 RI Mentor of the Year

2018 National Poet of the Year

Latoya Watts has written a beautifully crafted visage depicting "Doing Wattsnatural: Life in Words". It is poetry in motion. Deep, meaningful, transparent, powerfully descriptive. Skillfully, she uses words to give meaning to the daily, ordinary routines as well as the exquisite joys of life. In sharing her experiences, Latoya invites us into greater appreciation for life and re-discovery of our "moments".  She shares her loves, struggles, passion and vision and central to every aspect of her life is her faith -her clear commitment to God. Reading this book is like pouring honey over the memories of our own lives. As you read it, do not rush, savor each page, each word. Rich, complex, and yet so sweetly thoughtful. "Doing Wattsnatural: Life in Words" is a must read!

Rev. Dr. Vanessa Quainoo

Author of Speak Life

Associate Professor at the University of Rhode Island